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Kefalonia, 29 of August 2015

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The party

The ceremony and party place is located on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, at the village of Minia near the airport. The beautiful capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli, is a few kilometers away. The event will be supported by Ammos Residence Hotel located there.

The event is taking place on the beach!

We are going to be on Kefalonia several days before the wedding, so we would be glad if we all meet and have fun together. Just call us directly after you arrive on the island.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: for August there are more frequently buses to Kilini, please call the numbers below or contact me.
IN ADDITION there is a ship from Patra to the port of Sami on Kefalonia, which is also appropriate for travelling. So you can also travel by bus from Athens to Patra, Sami, Argostoli. Get additional information below or call me.
Take a look here 

After landing to Athens you can reach Kefalonia by plane or by vehicle and ship. 

For plane tickets take a look at or at You can also try to find tickets directly to Kefalonia or to the airport of Patras, Araxos, which is near the port of Kyllini, where you have to take the ship. Take a look at and

Alternatively, you have to drive by car to the port of Kyllini, located 80 km after the town of Patra in direction Olympia. From Athens drive direction Corinth, then direction Patra and finally direction Pyrgos. On the highway to Pyrgos, 50 km after Patra, follow the signs to the Ferries to Kefalonia and Zakynthos (Map). You require almost 4 hours. Be careful of the many road constructions. From Kyllini, the ship reaches the village Poros in 1.5 hours.

For information about ferries visit and Make a car reservation for the ship to avoid missing the wedding!

You can also travel by bus, directly from Athens, Kifisos bus station, to Argostoli. Unfortunately there is currently only one bus per day, starting early in the morning. But you can also take buses from Kifisos to Zakynthos, which also travel over Kyllini more frequent. There you can take the ship to Kefalonia. At Poros you can then rent a car.
If you intend to travel by bus, contact me for exact information and booking. Take also a look in and

Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of help for best preparing your trip.


The village of Minia is located only a few kilometers away from the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli, as well as very close to the well-known Lassi. If you would like to stay around the place of interest, you can take a look at the following hotels that are located at Minia.

Here also some villas for more persons, some nearby and some a little further

At Lassi you will find two of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, Makris and Platis Gyalos. There you can find many hotels. Alternatively you can also stay in Argostoli to enjoy the nightlife. Take a look at well known hotel pages.


Our village on Kefalonia is the village of Pyrgi, located between Sami and Poros, a fascinating village on the opposite of the mountain of Enos.

On Kefalonia you will find the most beautiful beach of Greece, the Myrtos beach (background image is real!). Don’t forget to visit. Other beautiful beaches are Antisamos, Makris Gyalos, Skala, Xi, Petani, but every beach on Kefalonia is special!

In 1953 there was a big earthquake on the island of Kefalonia, which destroyed most of the villages. One of the few not destroyed villages is Fiskardo at the north of the island, which is a beautiful place to visit.

Next to Myrtos you will find the small village of Asos, a very beautifull landscape to see. 

There are also two caves on Kefalonia worth visiting, the Melissani and the Drogarati. 

Near Argostoli, at Katavothres, astonishing geological phenomenon is taking place, where the sea water vanishes in the underground and appears 16 km away in the cave Melissani, which is above the sea water level.

The saint Gerasimos is the saint of the island and it was supposed to be living in an underground cave at the center of the island. His body still exists there and is exhibited in a big church build in his honor.

The capital Argostoli is a beautiful small town at the sea. There you can make a walk on Lythostroto, a long non-traffic area with many stores and coffee shops, passing by the Cambana Square and arriving to the main Vallianos square. During entering the town by car on your right you can see a famous stone bridge on the water connecting Argostoli with the opposite village Drapano. 

The mountain Enos, 1600 meters high, is full with the rare Greek fir trees and wineyards of the famous white grapes of the local white wine Robola. 

Feel free to contact us for any reason...

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